Welcome to Ibbani, a homestay located near Jog falls and conveniently located to the attractions around Sirsi. Enjoy the convenience of home and simply drop onto a comfy chair & savour nature at its best while enjoying an exotic view.

Homestay in the midst of picturesque and biologically diversified Western Ghats with ancient realm of monsoon rains, green, fog and the mist. We will make sure your stay is greatly rejuvenating, with the environment and the facilities modifying your senses. 

The place is managed by Mr.Rajesh Hegde and Mrs. Vijayalakshmi R Hegde. They are ably assisted by parents Mr. Chandrashekhar Hegde and Mrs. Ganga C Hegde

Rajesh Hegde and Vijayalakshmi Hegde, both are originally from the same place, Malnad area of western ghat. Apart from its beauty of ever green forests with a wide range of wild life, ever flowing water streams, Malnad is also famous for its hospitality, food and culture.


"Athithi Devo Bhava.."  the main motto of life is well practiced here and can expect the same in "Ibbani"


Welcome to Ibbani...