Itagi Rameshwara Temple :

Shri Rameshwara Temple Situated in Itagi Siddapur taluk, one of the oldest temple in Siddapur Taluk of Uttara Kannada District. It is located on Lambapur road 18km from siddapur City. Shri Ramesvara Temple Itagi has historical background, even though it is oldest temple it is less exposed to outsiders,Daily hundreds of divotess visits here.

Every year Itagi Jatra will be held on the same place and it will be organized by Temple Commitee. Shri Rameshvara Temple Itagi was built by Bilgi kings (1588 AD), Bilgi kings appointed 8 priests to perform daily worship.The main attraction of this temple is you can find the kannada script very after main entrance, It is believed that bilgi kings were ruled this region they inscribed this.nearby you can find Shanmuga(Subrahmanya),Vittala idols.

A unique pooja(Bali puja) will be performed 3 times in a day with panchakhadya,bilva patra and paddy. Itagi is attracting devotees everyday from its greenery,unique traditions and history.

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