Kodachadri :

Kodachadri is a mountain peak (altitude - 1343 m above sea level) in the Western Ghats in South India (Karnataka State). The name is a corruption of the Sanskrit word "Kutakachalam." Kodachadri forms a picturesque background to the famous temple of Mookambika in Kollur. Situated in the middle of the Mookambika National Park, it is home to several endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna. The rain forests loom in a perpetual layer of mist around the peak. 

This peak is where 'Shankaracharya' did meditation. You will find a Sarvajna Peetha of Sri Shankaracharya at the top. Adi-Mookambika temple at Kodachadri village is believed to be the Moola Sthana (the origin) of Sri Mookambika Devi. It is also an excellent locale for Trekkers and backpackers. 

En route to the peak you will also find a moderate sized water fall deep inside the evergreen forest of Kodachadri, which is called 'Agastya Teertha'. The peak presents a not to be missed life-time opportunity in the evening as the sun sets in the west. You can also have a golden glimpse of the Arabian sea for a moment. The Karnataka govt. has plans to tar the road right up to Shankarapeedom. Environmentalists allege that this would destroy the peace and tranquility as well as natural habitat of many species in the region.

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