Shri Vadiraja Theertha was great saint, ascetic, prolific writer and poet, equally well versed in Sanskrit and Kannada, who has left a very deep imprint on Madhva society. Sri Vadiraja Theertha is unique amongst all Madhva saints for many reasons. Shri Vadiraja Theertha was also the first ascetic who after a long life of 120 years, decided his own time of dropping the mortal connection - entered the Vrundavana and left for heavenly life at his own choice of time and place. Throughout the long life, Shri Vadiraja Theertha contributed a lot to "Vyasa Sahithya" and "Dasa Sahithya", exhibited extra-ordinary divine powers to bless devotees on many occasions and significantly strengthened the philosophy and traditions established by Shri Acharya Madhwa. Through his life and works, and also with other authentic sources, it is very well proved that Shri Vadiraja Theertha is none other than Shri Lathavya, the R^uju devatha, next to Shri Vayu. There are many volume available with beautiful narration of of divine life history of Shri Vadiraja. With his blessing, let us try to recollect some important events in his life, to realise his great personality. 


Shri Vadiraja entered the Brundavan alive, meditating on this holy day in the year 1600 A.D, and the upper stone was covered as per his instructions once the japamani stopped moving. The Vrundavana is very unique known as Pancha Vrundavana. There are 4 small ones around the main Vrundavana. Each one is having the sannidhana of various forms of Lord Vishnu. Brahma, Vayu,Vishnu, Rudra are present - along with Sri Vadiraja in these Vrundavans. By performing prescribed austerities and worship in Sode, people get relieved of all kinds of human misery. The setting is very picturesque and conveys the feeling of a very holy and spiritual place.